We Teach Three Popular Styles

We Teach Three Popular Styles

You'll learn U.S. and worldwide techniques

There are different styles of amateur wrestling taught around the world. At Simmons Academy of Wrestling, we teach three popular styles, including:

  • Greco-Roman wrestling - This style is practiced worldwide, including in the Olympic Games. This style forbids holds below the waist.
  • Freestyle wrestling - This style is also practiced worldwide, including at the Olympic Games. The style allows the wrestler to use his or his opponent's legs in offense or defense.
  • Collegiate wrestling - This style is practiced in schools around the United States. It's similar to freestyle wrestling with slight modifications.
  • Grappling
Learn different techniques from coaches who are former champions at different levels. Contact Simmons Academy of Wrestling to learn more about our training techniques.

Experience the benefits of diverse training

Wrestlers who learn more than one style of wrestling become well-rounded athletes. Different styles typically have different competition seasons, so you can stay in shape by competing in different styles. Some wrestlers who focus on freestyle and collegiate wrestling find benefits in training in Greco-Roman wrestling because of its focus on upper body strength.

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